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Karen Churcher


Karen has been your President since Sept. 2016 and on your Local Executive for the past 20 years. Karen became a member of the Lambton Kent Elementary Occasional Teacher Local 2001. She is dedicated to this Local and will work hard for you as your President.  She is committed to working alongside members, dedicating her efforts to expanding and bringing awareness to the many issues that affect the Local’s membership. Karen is a Union Activist and is very involved at both the Local and Provincial levels. Karen works closely with the Executive team to help make the job of an Occasional Teacher safe, healthy, progressive and fulfilling. She would like to ensure Occasional Teachers are recognized for their contributions to the students they teach as well as to the teaching profession. Karen can often be heard breaking down the stigma of  "Just an OT".  She strongly supports that we are certified Teachers who hold a unique role and responsibility in the education system.

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Mary Ellen Davison

Vice President / Treasurer

In 2011,  Mary Ellen became a member of Lambton Kent Occasional Teachers Local. In 2018, she was elected to the Executive in the position of Executive Member. During the COVID pandemic and her second term in office, she became the Treasurer for the local. In 2022, Mary Ellen was relelected as Treasurer and was elected as Vice President. She has served on the Collective Bargaining Team through two rounds of Local Bargianing and continues to serve. Mary Ellen enjoys visiting with family and friends throughout the province. During the summer, she can be found bicycling along the St. Clair River or out looking for the next geocaching trail.

Deb Dinning

Executive Member

Sheri Henderson


Sarah Gordon

Executive Member

Sarah has been a member of the executive for 11 years.  She is a married mother of 2 boys and currently works as a daily occasional teacher. Sarah has attended numerous provincial ETFO events and is currently a member of a provincial standing committee creating a document on Student Mental Health. Sarah is an avid reader and enjoys cheering on her boys at their numerous sporting events.

Lisa Taylor-Figaro

Executive Member

This is Lisa's second term as a member of the LKEOT executive.  She is the mother to one teenage son and has been an Occasional Teacher in the LKDSB for the past 14 years.  She enjoys Occasional Teaching because it allows flexibility and the opportunity to work in many different school environments.  Lisa enjoys gardening, cooking and cheering on her son's baseball team in her spare time.

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